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A real life Iron Man suit now exits, thanks to the efforts of British inventor, Richard Browning.

That Starke’s suit will be replicated in real was only a case of when, not if. With this cool invention, now it seems the time has indeed come for humans to soar like eagles.

The suit uses four body-mounted jet engines to propel its wearer into the air. These are supplied by fuel packs also built into the suit.

Browning developed the Daedalus over a period of a year.

Below is a video that shows the suit slowly progressing to the latest, most impressive incarnation:

Daedalus features a heads-up display in the helmet which keeps the user aware of fuel and engine performance. It’s also Wi-fi enabled for the live transmission of data from the suit.

Guiding the system through the air isn’t an easy task. The mini-jet engines exert enormous force, so in order to prevent it spiraling out of control Browning has undergone rigorous callisthenics training to increase his strength.

“This is a momentous point in aviation history,” said Browning in a press release. “Daedalus is simply the beginning of a core technology that has endless potential in aviation, commercial and entertainment applications.

“I have aeronautics in my blood. My grandfather instructed on WW2 Hurricanes, and the other was Chairman of Westland Helicopters. My father was an aeronautical engineer and an innovator, too.”

The startup recently formed by Browning, Gravity Industries ltd, is launching “commercial flights for private and public events “, which we think means watching him whizz around in the apparatus, on April 3.

Browning is far from the first inventor to pursue the dream of jet-powered human flight. Various jetpack-like projects have taken off in recent years, but none have had the superhero flair of Daedalus.