British/Nigerian boxer, Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua has just won the IBF World heavyweight title.

Joshua was born in Watford to a Nigerian mother and a father of Nigerian and Irish descent.

Joshua grew up for much of his early years in Nigeria and returned to the UK halfway through Year Seven to join Kings Langley Secondary School. Growing up on the Meriden Estate in Garston, Hertfordshire.

Titles he has won include IBF heavyweight champion, Regional/International titles: British heavyweight champion, Commonwealth heavyweight champion, WBC International heavyweight champion, Amateur Best Boxer Title.

While having a Nigerian mother might have made him a citizen by birth, and having lived partly in Nigeria, he was born in the UK to a British father and all of his athletic activities and acclaim was won on British soil and for the English. Sentiments might move us to want to lay claim to him but it would do us well to ask how much Nigeria really contributed to his success.

There lies the answer to whom he really owes the glory to.

Author: Yemi Olarinre