The reason we ever so often struggle to find ‘what we love’ is because we are faced with a number of choices which places us in an indecisive trench. Psychologists call this the “paradox of choice”. It causes paralysis due to a varying number of choices.

Most times, we seek to not only make money or success off our choices, but to satisfy our ever thirsty drive for meaning and fulfillment.

The first step to getting through the haze of a career crisis is to accept that it is perfectly normal to be confused about what we want to do and what will actually bring us fulfillment.

It serves better to be less anxious and worrying because, more often than not, anxiety leads us to make the wrong decision.

The second step is to know yourself. Some people might be able to attest to the fact that they always wanted to know what they wanted to do from the beginning. It sometimes appear that others who aren’t aware don’t have a calling.

This is not true. The truth is that some are more self aware than others. The keys to finding the work we enjoy can only be found in exploring the treasure chest that is ourselves.

We can pick up hints from our tastes, preferences, hobbies, strengths, what excites us, e.t.c. Get started with making a list without bias, or being too logical about it, or even, the crippling desire for money.

Thirdly, think a lot, evaluate and trim out excesses – brood and brood again. Know that you have to be generous with time devoted to this process.

Right after a long period of incubation, breed. It is important we try something. We should go out there to experiment these thoughts.

If you don’t take action and experiment, they would remain only thoughts. Even if we end up not doing the first thing we experiment, it’s not a bad thing, it only means we have one less thing to try out.

Lastly, never lose hold of the courage to try again.

Author: Cerebral Lemon