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The Governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha has disclosed that 34 governors out of 36 have expressed support for a second term for President Muhammadu Buhari.

With Okorocha stepping up his support for President Buhari against 2019, we sincerely hope Buhari’s statue won’t be the next project to be unveiled in Imo state.

Okorocha made the disclosure while addressing leaders of the ‘Democratic Youths Congress for Buhari 2019′, who visited him at the government house, Owerri on Tuesday.

He urged every Nigerian to support Buhari adding that Buhari is the best for the country at the moment.

“President Buhari is the best for the country at the moment and that there could not have been a better option now,” he said.

“I am a believer of Buhari and I made it clear years ago that if President Buhari is running for president, I will not run.

“Now God has chosen him to be the president of Nigeria and some of us are witnesses that Buhari was and is still the best for Nigeria at this material time.”

He also sees the future also, he said Buhari’s second term will bring about unity. He stated that the Anambra election which the ruling APC lost, should not be used to judge Buhari’s popularity.

“Supporting Buhari for a second tenure will bring about the new Nigeria we are talking about. This will put Nigeria first and the unity we are looking for will be guaranteed under this administration,” he said.

“Our nation is going through a challenging moment and we will require a man of his calibre to see us through this period.

“People should not use the Anambra election result to judge the support for Buhari as it does not reflect the support.

“Even the government and people of Anambra support President Buhari, what happened was that an internal disagreement among the leaders in APC in Anambra cost us the election.”


Author: Janet Johnson

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