President Muhammadu Buhari has described the recent murder of Mrs. Bridget Agbahime, in Kano State, northern Nigeria as sad and regrettable.

In a statement released to the press by the Special Adviser to the President on media, President Buhari sympathized with the husband of the deceased, Pastor Mike Agbahime, her family and relations, praying that God would give them the strength to bear the loss.

The statement commended law enforcement agents in the State for apprehending the suspects behind the murder and the efforts made by the Kano State Government to infuse peace by summoning a meeting between Christian and Islamic leaders after the event occurred.

The President said that justice would be served and pleaded that people should not take the law into their hands.

He also implored those who might want to use the act to foster religious or ethnic hatred to desist, reminding them that two wrongs don’t make a right and that when the law is meted, it doesn’t consider the factors or reasons behind criminal acts.

According to the President: “The incident at Kofar Wambai market, Kano city, is utterly condemnable, and the state government has been quite proactive.

“Let us ensure that we keep the peace, as justice will be done. Let us learn to respect each other’s faith, so that we can know each other and live together in peace.”

Author: Cerebral Lemon