While revealing what his administration would do with properties recovered from corrupt former Nigerian leaders, President Muhammadu Buhari admitted the mistake he made as a military head of state.

President Buhari regretted his handling of looted properties when he led Nigeria as a military ruler, saying he won’t make the same mistake again. At the time, stolen assets were only confiscated. Immediately Buhari left office, they were returned to the owners.

In light of this, President Buhari said properties recovered from treasury looters will be sold off and the proceeds remitted to the Federal Government’s coffers for use to provide the good things of life for Nigerians.

Selling off the properties would serve as deterrent to politicians who want to steal, the President says he believes.

President Buhari went on to allege that “from 1999 to 2014, Nigeria exported over two million barrels of crude oil daily at the cost of 100 USD,” lamenting that “the monies realised were squandered and looted. They failed to save for the future and this is where we are today.”

He lamented further that “corruption and corrupt practices have assumed a frightening dimension” and explained that “the fight against corruption is the most difficult task of the present administration’s agenda since its inception over two year ago”.

On punishment for corrupt people, President Buhari said “Public office holders involved in sharp malpractices would incur the wrath of God. Those assigned into public positions of trust were mortals, they will transit and appear before their creator to answer for the misdeeds carried out while holding forth the position entrusted in their care by the populace.”

To the President, “it is infuriating that those tasked with the administration of criminal justice in Nigeria were detected to be engaged in criminal acts”. “Diplomatic passports, huge amount of foreign and local currencies were found in the possession of a judge; how does this sound?”

Author: Yemi Olarinre