May 1 is Worker’s Day in Nigeria, a time to celebrate those who are part of the teeming workforce in the country. However, the times have been hard to all workers in Nigeria and respite does not seem to be appearing any time soon.

In his May Day message delivered at the National May Day celebration held at the Eagle Square in the nation’s capital of Abuja, the President urged Nigerian workers to cooperate with his administration as the government attempts to tackle the economic challenges plaguing the country.

He assured Nigerians that “The challenges facing Nigeria have been highlighted and I assure you that they shall be accorded due consideration. It is worthy to note that solution to some of those issues and requests are already being considered and would be made public in the near future.”

He added that, “The times may be tough, but we Nigerians are by nature resilient and strong and it is that nature that propels us to overcome adversities and still thrive as a nation.” And further stating that while “there will always be challenges in the life of a man”, “what defines greatness is the way and manner such challenges are tackled and overcome,” and promising that his administration is able and willing to constructively handle the challenges.

While May 1st marks the celebration of Workers’ Day, tomorrow, Monday May 2nd 2016 will be a nationwide public holiday since the Workers Day fell on a weekend. However, for most workers in Nigeria, it might not be much of a celebration as the country is currently facing harsh economic challenges that are set to become even harder as time goes on.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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