The kinds of distractions inherent in our time means there is less and less people with genuine self-control.

There is just too much clamouring for our attention. And in truth, we always make a strong case for why we can’t stay off these distractions even though we know they are just excuses well packaged to sound like reasons.

In case you’d like to test how much of self-control you can have, try the following 6 tasks:

1. Wake up at 5:30a.m. (that’s quite easy for people working in Lagos)

2. Don’t check your phone. (Let’s see if you’ll keep reading)

3. Put it on aeroplane mode. (The task just got real)

4. Hide it in another room, under a pillow. (Put the room under lock and give the key to someone else)

5. Do work for the entire day. (You can take breaks at intervals)

6. Go to sleep. (And without checking your phones)

If you do these successfully – you’ve got incredible self-control.

We’re entirely addicted to our smartphones. Notifications, pings, emails, messages. 
We get a tiny rush each time we see what’s behind that red number.

Those who can resist are now in the top 1% of the developed world.

Become aware of your addiction and deal with it.

Turn off every push notification – it can wait.

Respond on your time, not someone else’s.

Author: Yemi Olarinre