It was the turn of the Caribbean Island to share in the torrent of extreme weather events rocking some countries in recent weeks as hurricane Irma slammed into the Caribbean islands of Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin on Wednesday.

According to a French weather office, Irma has already triggered major flooding in low-lying areas.

The French government had previously sounded the alarm to thousands of people who had refused to seek shelter on St. Barts as well as Saint Martin, an Island divided between France and the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, the top hurricane warning was lifted in Guadeloupe, to the southeast. Authorities there are still warning of heavy rain and storms and a “dangerous sea.”

Irma was headed next for Britain’s Anguilla Island, the British Virgin Islands and the east end of Puerto Rico, officials said. Since May 2017, several countries including Ivory Coast, the US, Pakistan and India have all come under a barrage of inundation occasioned by deadly winds and ferocious floods.