By James Ojo

Spain and Barcelona defender, Gerard Pique, has hinted of a possible resignation from international football in the wake of Cataluya’s continued agitation to break-away from Spain.

Footage of Spanish national police striking out at protesters across the region went viral earlier on Sunday with some of the bloodiest clashes occurring in Catalan capital, Barcelona.

A controversial referendum on Catalan independence was the flashpoint for incidents, with more than 400 people so far reported injured and Barcelona’s La Liga clash with Las Palmas played behind closed doors.

But speaking with newsmen after the Las Palmas match, Pique said: “If the coach or any director of the Federation thinks that I am a problem for the national, I will step aside before the World Cup.

“It has been a very hard game to play, the worst experience of my professional career.

“I am and I feel like a Catalan and today I am proud of the people of Catalunya.

“We are not a minority, there were millions of us. We are not the bad guys, we just want to vote.”

It would be recalled that Barcelona had earlier protested the fixture, requesting that the game be postponed.

But La Liga insisted that the game go ahead without any access for supporters due to fears of violence within Camp Nou.

Author: Cerebral Lemon