Chelsea voted as most hated club

“Chelsea have overtaken Manchester United as the `most hated’ club in the Premier League, according to a survey conducted by the Daily Mirror, reports.

Chelsea’s failure at defending the English Premier League (EPL) title last season did not earn them empathy from EPL fans who voted them to the topmost position on the “hate” list.

In the latest annual EPL club survey, Chelsea edged out Manchester United from the position in which the latter stood last summer.

This summer, United dropped to second place with Liverpool coming third, while Manchester City and Arsenal stood at fourth and fifth positions, respectively. reports that in conducting the survey, the Daily Mirror newspaper asked nearly 10,000 fans from the 20 top-flight teams set to compete in the 2016-17 season to name the club they “loathed”.

Fans of rival Tottenham voted Chelsea the most for the topmost slot.

On the flip side, Chelsea fans mostly voted Arsenal and Tottenham as their “most loathed” EPL club. Liverpool and City fans voted United, while United fans voted City and Liverpool.

At the other end of the ranking are the “least hated” clubs. Bournemouth ranked first at this end with Leicester City, Burnley, Watford, Southampton and Swansea City taking their spots between second and sixth positions.

Most Hated Clubs

Author: Yemi Olarinre