Chelsea’s highest every goal scorer, Frank Lampard, in his column in the Standard Sport went on a rampage on Arsenal, his favourite club’s neighbour.

Lampard wrote: “Arsenal were superb on Saturday but all it has done is made me question their mentality.

“It doesn’t make sense that they can play so well against Tottenham, just as they did against Chelsea in the FA Cup Final in May, but not do it more regularly. All I heard after the match was people talking about their great work off the ball, that they worked so brilliantly.

“But that confuses me because it should be the banker, the bare minimum. People shouldn’t be saying, ‘Oh my, I’m so impressed about it’ after one game.

“The easiest part is to work hard, run around and get tight to your opponent. The hardest part is playing passes through the eye of the needle and they have players like Mesut Ozil who can do that.

“It was a very impressive performance but it raises issues, too. When you put the effort in like that and you’re a talented player like Ozil, that is then a catalyst to when you have the ball. If you do the dirty work, you are sharper and your mind is ready when you have possession.

“If you only put in 60 per cent off the ball, you tend to put only 60 per cent when you have it. It has to come every week, you can’t switch it on and off. The game is so quick and teams can hurt you. You can’t have players who are not at it. No matter what talent you have, without that full commitment every week, you will struggle to win things.

“We are all applauding Manchester City because of their great play but have a look at how hard they work. They are as good with and without the ball. As for Arsenal’s Europa League fixture against Cologne, it’s about keeping the feel-good factor going after the Spurs win and giving more minutes to players like Jack Wilshere.”

Author: Yemi Olarinre