Did you know it takes only 7 seconds for you to make a lasting first impression? According to the Albert Merhibian Principle, during personal assessment, 55% counts for your appearance, 38% for presentation, while your content makes up only 7%. Unbelievable but true. Indeed image is everything.

Dressing for work is a very tricky subject, most especially on your first day. While there are quite a few general rules of thumb regarding work attire, it really depends on where you work. We understand that different working environments call for different ensembles so we divided the work scene into 3 categories and put together the perfect looks to help you make a positive impression.

  • Corporate

The Power Suit

This does not mean boxy and boring suits.  Sharp tailoring in classic neutral colors like black, white, grey and navy can be fashionable, it all depends on the details and silhouettes. Add touch minimal accessories for a feminine touch.corporate-a corporate-b

  • Semi – Corporate


Create your own polished suits using chic separates, mix and match them for a style that is fresh but still serious enough to wear to work. Go a little bolder than the corporate girl when it comes to accessories but make sure to maintain the perfect equilibrium so as not to go overboard.

inbetween-ajpg inbetween-b

  • Creative


It is important to look professional and trendy in your line of work if not you will come across as frigid and unfit for the job. Dress up in bold prints, bright colors and minimal to minimalist accessories depending on your outfit choice.

creative-c creative-a



Beware of the fashion police otherwise known as “Human Resources” and your fellow colleagues, committing a fashion faux pas is a legitimate offense. As much as your try to be fashionable, always ensure that you are work compliant.

Author: Cerebral Lemon