Our personal relationship with God is different from the Ministry.

As much as he wants us to fulfill and DO ministry, he desires above all, our relationship with him. God wants to be the first in our lives and wants us to acknowledge him as such.

Remember that story in Genesis where God will come down in the cool of the evening to fellowship with man? Yea, that one.

That’s how he wanted it to be… Fellowship with him. I believe he made those provisions in the garden so we won’t be consumed with work and can have enough time for fellowship.

That said, I wish to talk about competing priorities in marriage.

Like we have established, God is first. No one can take his place.

Next is the family! In the bible times, leaders were required to show responsibility and faithfulness in the home front before being considered suitable for leadership positions.

Someone is shocked at this revelation. Don’t be. We have scriptural backing for this. Titus 1 : 5 – 7, 1 Timothy 3 : 1 – 13.

To appoint an elder, one of the very important measures of his blameless life is his devotion to his family.

We sometimes abuse zealousness in Ministry by neglecting the home front. Forgetting that, God himself said he will build his church! Matthew 16 : 18. Actually, our first ministry is our homes!

The family shouldn’t suffer at the expense of the ministry.

Every minister needs to find the balance.

May Grace be multiplied.

Good morning lovers.

Author: Siju Yusuf