A nondenominational church in Michigan has welcomed the use of marijuana during its services in order to combat the stigma attached to the drug.

The church named First Cannabis Church of Logic & Reason in Lansing, Michigan, held its first service on Sunday when worshippers were allowed to smoke marijuana.

The church proceedings were led by 34-year-old Jeremy Hall, an ordained minister and state-licensed medical marijuana patient.

He said he wants to have weekly services and provide a space where people can be spiritual, but also feel safe to take any of their medications.

According to Hall, marijuana can be a part of a religious experience because it can help those in pain and create a sense of belonging.

“What I’m hoping to accomplish in the long run is to provide a place where people can be spiritual, but can also feel safe to take any of their medication,” Jeremy told Lansing State Journal.

“If they also feel cannabis is part of their spirituality, they can combine the two in a safe environment,” he added.

Hall believes Lansing is the perfect place for the church since it has shown support for medical marijuana dispensaries and use.

Michigan voters approved marijuana use for some chronic medical conditions in 2008.

Author: Ope Adedeji