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The police have confirmed that the three storey building under construction that collapsed at No 4, Richard Abimbola Street, in the Ilasamaja-Isolo area of Lagos, left three people dead, while 16 others were successfully rescued.

The tragedy which struck around 2:00 p.m. on Thursday saw over 30 workers trapped, according to the unnamed head labourer at the construction site.

He was in tears as he tried to call the trapped labourers. He said some were answering their phones, but several could not be reached.

Witnesses helped in the rescue of two, who were rushed to a private hospital before the arrival of emergency services.

The collapsed building affected both buildings beside it as a church on the right was completely crushed while the building on the left was partially damaged.

Residents in the area claimed the construction, which began around February 8, was tilting to one side and when they raised the alarm, the contractor said there was no problem but added a pillar on the bent side before the unfortunate incidence occurred.

It was also claimed that the building was roofed yesterday.

According to a resident, “Whenever the regulatory body visit, they just collect money from the developer and go away. When he added another floor and people complained, it was sealed but was re-opened that same day and work continued. How can you build such an edifice so quickly?”

The General Manager LASEMA, Mr. Tiamiyu Adesina confirmed that 16 people were rescued but were still expecting an excavator for proper recovery for those trapped.

Refusing to comment if the building had the proper permits, he insisted that their focus was on recovery and investigations would follow.

Author: Yemi Olarinre