As though she had the strength of the bible’s Samson, a Colorado woman pull apart the jaws of a mountain lion that attacked her 5 year old son and had his head in its mouth.

When the woman heard the scream of her son, she raced to her front yard to find a terrifying sight: A mountain lion was hunched over her son, biting him.

On her discovery that her son’s head was already in the lion’s mouth, she didn’t back down, as she yanked away the paws of the lion.

According to Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office the boy suffered several injuries in his face, head and neck injuries but was said to be in fair condition at a hospital in Denver.

The mother also had bite marks on her hand and scratches on her leg from the confrontation with the lion. Though the lion ran away, Wildlife officials said they killed a young lion near the home and a second one found in the area several hours later.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials say that they are investigating the attack. The Wildlife officials are conducting a full investigation of the incident and will release additional information as it becomes available.

A necropsy will be performed on the lion or lions suspected in the attack.

In Officials’ account of the attack, the unidentified woman grabbed one of the animal’s paws and stuck her right hand in its mouth to pry it open and free her son’s head.

Author: Ope Adedeji