Traffic Jam In Abuja

Traffic Jam At The Outer-North Expressway In Abuja On Tuesday

Commuters and other road users had Herculean task traveling through the Outer-North Expressway around the railway crossing in the Kubwa area, on the outskirt of Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory on Tuesday.

Workers, traders and other road users agonised as vehicles were held at stand-still for hours, making many to either get to their destinations hours late or to cancel their trips and return home, where opportunities permit.

Commercial motorcycle taxis cashed-in on the situation to take passengers back to their homes, though the law does not permit them to ride on the highway.

Those going into the Federal Capital City  and those going out of the city to destinations like Suleja in Niger State, Kaduna, Kano, Jos and beyond were all held in the gridlock.

Commutters Showing their frustrations at traffic jam

Commuters showing their frustrations at the gridlock.

Author: Cerebral Lemon