A recently passed bill sent by Governor Nasir El-Rufai to the Kaduna State House of Assembly to regulate religious practices in the state has caused a stir in all factions of the community. It has been said that the bill aims to protect the state from religious extremism and hate speech.

Many have described the bill as obnoxious and legal experts and scholars have also criticised the bill on grounds that it cannot pass the test of constitutional validity. Religious bodies have criticised it as well. A prominent apostle even warned El-Rufai to desist from passing the bill or face the wrath of God.

With celebrities now getting more involved in activism and politics, it was not surprising when On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze revealed that he had been researching the bill.

He has now written an open letter to the state governor.

A few notable provisions of the bill are:

  1. Religious preachers in the state must be licensed before they can preach in the state
  2. Playing cassettes in public places is barred by the bill and playing of inciting media messages is also prohibited in the state.

This is what Daddy Freeze had to say:


Author: Samson