In this part of the world, having intercourse with someone other than your partner is a NO NO, regardless the rationale.

However, there is a phenomenon I just learnt about that originated from the U.S. that sort of encourage having intercourse with someone other than your partner so as to reignite the already boring sex in a relationship.

On why sex in a relationship gets boring over time, it has been said that like anything people do constantly, sex tends to get boring.

According to Zeynep Yenisey, Maxim, having s*x with the same person is one of the standard requirement of being in a relationship with someone, when it goes on for a while, the s*x becomes rather normal, drag or even not good anymore, this can then in turn lead to seeking for s*xual innovation, finding ways of getting better s*x, making it more interesting.

If new ways are not found to make the s*x better, the experience continues to depreciate, the chemicals in the body don’t react like they used to. The brain floods the body with less amount of dopamine, which in turn makes it less and less for one to be interested in s*x. It will take away the desire.

When this happens, the body naturally seeks other adventures, wants to conquer new territories, the psychology of the human mind.

Here is a kicker, when you lose interest in s*x, it can come back by hooking up with other people. A new conquest can bring back the desire for s*x.

There is a name for this; it’s called the Coolidge Effect, named after a former U.S. President Calvin Coolidge.

It was observed while the President and his wife visited the government farm, and noticed how chickens were hop on each other around.

Here is what happened, while they were looking around the farm, Mrs. Coolidge found a rooster who was apparently hoeing around with different chickens. She asked the attendant how often it happened, and the reply was that it happens a lot of times in a day, say dozens of times, which is a lot.

She then prompted the attendant to give this information to the President when he comes around.

When he heard, he queried if it was the same hen every time which he answered, different hen, different times, then the President asked the attendant to give his wife that same information.

I feel the attendant was being pushed around a lot of the time, and was being dragged into a personal squabble the couple were having. That’s how the Coolidge Effect works.

To further buttress this point, a study found out that men that were exposed to the same kind of P0*n for a period of time lose the stimuli, and got less and less aroused as time went by. On the flip side, the guys who were introduced to different P0*n record have higher level of arousal.

From another study, it was discovered that after watching the same P0*no for a few days and switching it with a different one produced different results, men came faster and had improved sperm count.

“This suggest that the Coolidge Effect may have an evolutionary explanation behind it in that it might potentially increase men’s odds of reproductive success with new partners,” explains sexpert Dr. Justin Lehmiller.

Author: Yemi Olarinre