Chelsea midfielder, Willian Borges, has disclosed the kind of relationship that exists between manager, Antonio Conte and club’s leading goalscorer, Diego Costa.

The relationship that exists between the duo came under the microscope after reports claimed that they had a clash in training in January.

The reports said Costa complained of a back pain prompting Conte to have him checked out by the medical team who said he was fine. Conte then demanded that Costa continue with training, a decision Costa didn’t like, prompting him to confront Conte before storming out of training.

Other reports linked the clash in training to Costa’s interest in a move to China that could make him the highest paid footballer in the world.

But in a recent interview, Brazilian midfielder, Willian, explained that Costa and Conte every now and then have clashes, largely because “their temperament can be a bit difficult,” even though “they are both good people.”

Willian went on, “Diego always tells us that he can’t change and that he would also play like this if he were facing his mother.”

Chelsea’s leading freekick taker with 7 freekick goals between last season and this season went on about his compatriot’s character saying “Diego [always] wants to win, he wants to fight, he wants to score [and] that’s cool.”

Summing up the relationship between Costa and Conte, Willian said “there is no problem between him and the manager.”

Author: Yemi Olarinre