This generation is often presented with the following scenarios:

‘Click to watch your favourite show’, ‘Swipe right for a date’, ‘Order your choice product online and have it delivered in a day’, ‘Ask your phone where to eat’, ‘Google your question’, ‘Post your photo for instant likes’.

Thanks to all the above, this generation wants it now and if it takes more than a moment there is restlessness and agitation.

And even though almost anything can be gotten immediately, most remain dissatisfied, discontent.

This generation has more friends than ever and yet feels so lonely.

There is more freedom and choices than at any other point in history and yet there is more confusion.

This generation gets more value than any other generation and yet so many feel worthless.

This generation, to a great extent, has lost the most virtuous of qualities… patience, forbearance, equanimity.

These qualities have been sold for that false, glittering deity of instant gratification.

But fulfillment, like a slow-growing plant, takes time to cultivate.

You can’t “Buy Now” peace. You can’t swipe for love. You can’t post for self-worth.

Google won’t answer the deepest questions in your heart. You’ll have to do some digging for that.

And digging takes time.

Author: Yemi Olarinre