I seem to have a lot of stories from growing up. Anyway, today I share again, one of them.

Two of my friends had a row and were no longer on talking terms. I had my opinion and was convinced who was wrong. The one I thought was right was always talking about the issue while the ‘wrong one’ had moved on. She never mentioned the issue and completely avoided any conversations involving the ‘right one’.

The ‘right one’ could not take it anymore and penned down her thoughts, made me go through it, sealed it and sent it to the ‘wrong one’.

What she wrote;

‘Keeping malice with you I have found is like making you live rent free in my head. This is not a call to continue the friendship as we can love each other from afar without being as close as we used to be. I truly forgive you.’


Allowing someone that has wronged you live rent free in your head is un-forgiveness.

This friend left every hurt behind and moved on. She will definitely miss her friend but not everyone comes on the next level with you in this journey called life. Some relationships are but for a season.

I digress.

Un-forgiveness is dangerous. It does more damage to us than the offender. We have a buildup of negative feelings in our hearts. We become very sour, bitter and untrusting. The thoughts of vengeance dominates us. The unending thoughts around revenge begins to control us, causing emotional battles and unhappiness. It cripples us.

Forgiveness is not a denial of hurt. It’s the acceptance of hurt but also the willingness to let go.

Do not store it up! It is a disease. It is like cancer. It eats you up in bits and pieces till you become perpetually sad. Till you become a shadow of yourself.

Who/what are you allowing live rent free in your head? Who/what are you allowing cripple you and hinder you from greatness and achieving purpose?

May God make it easy for you.

Good morning Fam!

Author: Siju Yusuf