Twin-car bomb site Image:

Twin-car bomb site                                             Image:

Hassan-Mohamed Khalif, Somalia Regional Governor, on Monday confirmed that the death toll from a twin suicide car bombing in the northern Somali city of Galkayo has gone up to 25.

He said that the death toll, which had been given as 18 on Sunday, included the two suicide bombers, but the numbers went up after more of the injured died in the hospital.

Yasin Tumey, Galkayo Mayor, also added that the number of injured had also risen to at least 60, after it was discovered that more people had been taken to different hospitals in the area than initially realised.

He said that the victims reportedly included several soldiers and police officers, while most of them were civilians, including students.

Meanwhile, Somali President, Hassan Mohamud, has attributed the attack to the Islamists’ “heavy losses” to Somali and African Union troops.

He lamented that the al-Shabaab group are terrorising the public to show their might.

“Now the group is hitting civilian places, killing innocent people with bombings just to terrorise the public for the purpose of showing they are still here.

The insurgent group, al-Shabaab, claimed responsibility for the attack

Author: Cerebral Lemon