#6. Learn It

A – Sign up for courses.

Most communities have courses in hobby type stuff; photography or painting or whatever. Why not give each of them a try if you can afford it, maybe you’re the next Claude Monet and just don’t know it yet.

B – Join organizations.

The cool thing about joining organizations is that they are comprised of people, all of whom do various things and have various interests. You could ask each and every one of them not only what they do, but what they do for fun or as a hobby. You might find something that piques your interest and leads you down a road of discovery.

#7. Pay attention occupations or activities illustrated on television and movies

Movies and television have all kinds of people doing all kinds of things. The problem though is that most people generally notice only what the star does, which is too bad, because Hollywood doesn’t have so much in the imagination department when it comes to jobs for the stars. So, why not start paying attention to what all the supporting characters are doing, or even what the support people do to help make the movie or show itself. You can find online quizzes for that, too. Major learning styles are visual, auditory, reading/writing, and tactile/kinesthetic.

Ask other people. Ask other people about their jobs, what they do, how they do them. Ask them if they enjoy it and if so, what parts. Also, ask other people if you can accompany them to work sometime, to see for yourself what goes on. Perhaps there are parts of the job you could actually try while you are there. Think about all the things other people are doing, then try some of them yourself. Maybe you’ll find your talent is in searching for stuff on the net.

#8. Notice what people tell you about yourself

Do they notice that you light up when you explain something? Does everybody seem to compliment you on your writing? Your physical coordination?

#9. Practice.

Ones you find something you love to do, do it more often. You will improve your skills and refine your technique this way. You will also discover the depths of your talent, whether it was more a passing phase. Even if the interest turns out to be temporary, you may notice what interested you about it in particular.

Copy others: One way to try other things is to copy what someone else does. This goes without saying in sports or other occupations that by their nature have people watching them. But there are others too, such as laying brickwork or carving statues, or building websites.  Look at how other people do things, then try them for yourself to see if you feel like you are any good at them.

#10. – Do some research.

Read. A great way to find out if you might have a talent for something is to read about it. Read books, magazines or anything else you can find. Think about the person that wrote what you read, and what they may be like. Perhaps you could write too. Or maybe the writer mentions something that you might find interesting. Being interested is good, because quite often it is an indicator that you might have a knack for it.

It is easy to do research these days. Just get on the web and start trolling. Search for odd things, and see what comes up. Search for jobs, and careers and hobbies and things people do for fun. Search for whatever comes to mind when you’re reading the results of some other search.

#11 Travel

Get out of the house, or away from where you work. Get away from where you usually go and head out to new places. Doing so will give you fresh eyes on the world and help you see some of the things people do that don’t stand out so much , but might be something you’d be doing, but better. Open your eyes. Drive downtown, look at all the buildings. Most of them have signs on them that give you a clue as to what goes on in there. Is there something going on in there that you would like to do?

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi