Several fans often question exactly what DJ Khaled actually does considering he has a number of songs to his name, though he doesn’t actually sing.

The award winner 41-year-old Khaled has finally responded to critics in this category.

“I produce, I write, I orchestrate. I’m a mogul and one of the biggest DJs you’ve seen in your life. I’ll bust your ass on some turntables,” he told Billboard magazine.

“The difference with me is this. I show love. I don’t hide credit for anybody that works with me. A lot of these producers don’t say (who helped them).”

Khaled released his tenth studio album Grateful on Friday, the follow-up to 2016’s Major Key.

Shining, the first single from the record, features input from Beyonce and her husband JAY-Z, but Khaled admits that engaging other big-name artists to perform has its difficulties.

“This album I’m making is literally impossible,” he shared. “Clearing samples, dealing with other labels. When you work with these big artists, it’s very delicate. Legally it’s a nightmare.”

The star was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana to Palestinian parents who had immigrated to the U.S. And he remains grateful for his success, especially when reflecting on the difficult times he had growing up.

“If I only get two to four hours of sleep, I want to sleep in the biggest bed ever with the most pillows in the world and the most beautifullest view.

“I remember sleeping on the floor with one sheet and no pillows. So I don’t take nothing for granted,” added Khaled.

The record producer and DJ has assisted in the production of numerous hip-hop albums, and has called on the likes of Akon, Fat Joe, Birdman, Jay Z, and Chris Brown, among others in the process.

Author: Yemi Olarinre