We have said so much about domestic violence, particularly the situation where the woman is being abused and the man is the abuser. Without mincing words, there will never be a justification for violence (man-woman or woman-man) and so I insist, say no to violence!

Today also, l wish that we spare a thought for the ‘abusive woman’. The one whose defense now is the outspokenness of women against violence and whose shield is ‘feminism’.

You see, being abusive is being abusive. Emotional, verbal, physical and so on.

Why exactly do you think it’s okay to lash out and when you are lashed back at you brew a storm? He has killed me o, you will kill me today… you yell like someone whose demon has been unleashed.

Before he says Jack, you have supplied Jack’s last name, age, phone number and ethnicity.

You think we will not ask you what happened? We will. And when we find out you are equally abusive, we won’t push you back to him, no, we will take you to rehab! Because your mind and mouth needs rehabilitation.

You speak so much of wanting to move to the next relationship. Have you forgotten that the common denominator between your old and new relationship is YOU? Have you?

We won’t close our eyes and ears or shut our minds to the fact that your tongue rains fire and brimstone in fact, your tongue is so vile, it is just at the brink of repulsive.

There is absolutely no way we are trading common sense and being responsible for empathy or sympathy.

You want peace? Give peace? Is this too much to ask?

I believe not.

Let your senses consume you. Let tactical shrewdness take over.

Enough of one-sidedness.


Author: Siju Yusuf