Things aren’t always as they seem from your stand point.

I remember the story of the girl that lived in a shoe. Alone.

She would look at her neighbour and her children who seemed to always be in gay moods and wished she was one of them.

One day, she paid them a visit. Oh, did they have fun.

When it was time to eat, she couldn’t get a sit at the table. The food was barely enough.

When it was time to sleep, there was barely enough beds for the children. She couldn’t get a convenient space.

She was disappointed. She thought all the boisterous activities she saw from her window was because they had it all together. She thought they had all they needed.

Now she knows better.

She made her way back to the comfort of her shoe-house and began to appreciate her space, the food she had, the bed she sleeps in.

Though she was lonely, she saw other reasons to be thankful. Though the pasture looks greener on the other side, rather than envy and make unreasonable wishes, she knows better to till and nourish her ground.

The earnestly coveted riches and splendor and grandeur often times is a reward of hard work or could even be the pain in someone’s life.

Riches are great 100%. However, that man/woman that you wish his/her life was yours looks at you and wishes he/she had your joy, your radiance, your happiness.

Aspire to have the nice things around you but be mindful. Don’t be caught in envy. Be thankful for people and the good things happening in their lives.

You may also want to hear their stories before you start making those wishes.

Things aren’t always as they seem on the other side.

Author: Siju Yusuf