Style transcends trends and seasons, welcome to the ultimate style scene!

This is the maiden edition of Lifestyle at the; the beginning of a new era in fashion and style. One of my favourite quotes of all time, is made by the great fashion designer and style arbiter, of African origin, the late Yves Saint Laurent [1936-2008]

 “Fashion fades, Style is Eternal”

I could not agree more! Our mission at Cerebral lemon online fashion is simple- To showcase fashion as art and give practical style tips from years of studying and appreciating the African female form as well as the global fashion scene- Yes, finally, a wardrobe full of clothes with everything to wear, and not the other way round ‘a wardrobe full of clothes, yet nothing to wear’.  Women are known to wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. We are set to change that. Fashion sense and styling is a journey of personal discovery.

Our journey together will see high fashion, high street and more around Africa and beyond. No one can lay claim to any fashion these days, with the influx and fusion of diverse cultures. Fashion has become “glocal”; the fusion of global and local! While we appreciate the influence of the western world on our fashion, we celebrate the best of our home- grown designers on the continent.

Fashion is one of the factors that has successfully repositioned Africa!

Style as I see it is more than pure appearance, it is the conveyance of an aura of distinction that is often hard to define but easy to recognize! The Cerebral lemon Fashion offering looks beyond physical apparel, much as we cannot overemphasize the power of appearance as an essential ingredient of successful personal branding and effective communication. –Style is an all encompassing way of life- A LIFESTYLE………

Here is to revolutionary “E- FASHION, LIFESTYLE AND STYLING!

Our maiden edition features “hats” as a versatile accessory- ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, HATS OFF!!

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Ifeoma Williams


Author: Ifeoma Williams