Shiites Predict El-Zakzaky's Death In Detention If He's Not Released Soon

Image: Shiites Predict El-Zakzaky’s Death In Detention If He’s Not Released Soon

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, has raised the alarm that their leader, Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaky, who had been in detention for over two years, may die in government custody as his heath has continued to deteriorate.

The Shiite leader was arrested two years ago following a bloody clash between the military and his followers.

Shiites’ prediction

The Shiites, who were recently in Abuja protesting the continued detention of their leader but were met by police resistance, raised the alarm as a result of reports of the deterioration of Zakzaky’s health.

Addressing a press conference in Kaduna on Wednesday, Chairman of the Resource Forum of the IMN, Abdullahi Danladi, said a recent visit by family members of El-Zakzaky indicated that his health had taken a dive for the worse.

According to him, the detained leader’s wife, who is also being held by government, has bullets lodged in her body that had not been extracted.

He said: “Following a rare visit to our leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, it was discovered that the health situation of the Sheikh has taken a nosedive for the worse. “He had suffered what turned out to be a stroke but the authorities illegally detaining him had kept a blind eye to his dire situation.

“It emerged that his health condition suffered severe knocks in the past week, such that he was critically ill and was in urgent need of the best medical attention possible but Buhari administration is negligent about it.

“He suffered slurred speech, weakness of the right side of the upper limb and general weakness of both lower limbs and, consequently, has been unable to walk or even stand for the past one week. The Sheikh is also known to be hypertensive for more than 10 years.

“As we focus our attention on the deteriorating health of Sheikh Zakzaky we are not oblivious of the medical condition of his wife, Malama Zeenah Ibrahim. For reasons best known to the State Security Service, some of the bullets lodged in her body during the brutal attack of December 14, 2015, have not been extracted up till now.”

While calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to release the couple immediately, the group promised to sustain its protest nationwide to demand the release of the detained leader.


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