Ever wondered why New Year resolutions are so popular? People more often than not are slightly obsessed and a little too eager to write out and list dozens of resolutions for the New Year – most times during the cross over or New Year’s Eve service when the Pastor asks for the resolutions to be put together and prayed over for added effectiveness and potency.

Resolutions are very important to many people because people love the idea of a clean slate, a fresh start.

We never got to that point in life where we knew this was the beginning – life basically just happens to us all.

During those early years, we all have no idea what is happening or how to control what is happening. We were more like a leaf upon the water.

We do not remember the first two to three years of our life, but somehow there is a moment where we start to remember our actions and experiences and it somehow just takes on from there.

Further into our lives, we came to the understanding of the New Year celebrations and what resolutions are about.

At this point, we often get excited at the prospect of being involved in our new beginning, though we understand not the idea of letting everything be in the past while we take it on from there to a new and hopeful future.

The painful truth is that there is never truly any clean or fresh beginning away from the experiences of the past.

When we resolve to start again or afresh – since we are not seeds brought forth from the freshly tilled grass with no history or baggage – though starting a new slate, our baggage also begins with us, moving into our new accommodations and looking for space to fit.

We then struggle with letting the baggage fit and look for how to hide it in corners, under beds and inside wardrobes it was never meant to be in.

This struggle only makes it expand under the pressure and burst forth, spilling all our dirty, filthy laundry that we had been trying to hide away in the first place.

Starting again is normal. We will all reach the point where we will need to chart a new course for our lives different from the one we had somehow found ourselves in.

However, starting again is not about hiding away, denying, lying about or being ashamed of our past, it is about embracing it.

Everyone has past experiences and baggage; some of which they are not so proud of, trying hard to hide yours will never work, it will always always find a way out. Accept it instead as part of life and move on. That’s actually the only way forward

Starting again is about looking ahead, not behind. Rather than obsess about the uncontrollable past, focus on the things in the future you can control.

Starting again requires accepting the mistakes of the past with a willingness to change the present plus a dedication to a better future with constant daily steps and progress to achieve your hearts desire.

Life’s journey is not a sprint or a 100m dash, it is a marathon and it doesn’t need a special time to begin – as with the New Years – it begins every day.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

Writer. Music lover. Movie junkie. Social Media Enthusiast. Aspiring dancer. Aspiring photographer. Social Introvert.