By Daniel Nyoung Edem

Popular Nollywood producer and film expert, Brown Ene has slammed Amb. Emeka Ike and Ibinabo Fiberesima over what he sees as impudence of the duo towards the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN.

Ene is accusing Emeka and Ibinabo of having a hidden agenda by refusing to accept defeat after the August elections by the Guild, which produced Emeka Rollas as new national President.

Ene therefore alleged that Emeka and Ibinabo were exhibiting actions capable of disintegrating the Actors Guild. Ene, who is the Director of Guild Services, DGS, Enugu Chapter of the AGN, in an interview at the chapter’s monthly meeting held Thursday in Enugu said the incivility of the two parties has dragged the Guild to the mud for years. He dismissed the duo of Emeka and Ibinabo as disgraceful, and wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He said: “Emeka Ike and Ibinabo are the same people creating problems for the Guild. I want to be categorically clear; before we started going about with the peace and reconciliation conference, we made sure we brought these two parties together. We went to Emeka and Ibinabo to discuss the reconciliation conference.

“What happened? He was available. He personally dissolved his own faction of the government and also dissolved that of Ibinabo. He also personally penned his name down when the congress decided that we go into an election for us not to have a vacuum in the offices after the dissolution of the former executives.

“So for him, after losing an election to come back the next day to go and start marrying someone he has been in court with for more than six years is laughable. I want the public, corporate bodies, parastatals, the government and well-wishers to know that both Emeka Ike and Ibinabo are no longer in charge of AGN affairs.”

Ene was miffed that Emeka and Ibinabo had gone to court to challenge a process they had blessed in the beginning. He noted that in so doing, they “have completely killed themselves.”

Ene added that both of them cannot go against what congress had agreed, and that their action demonstrated how backward they wanted to bring the AGN.

He fumed further: “No matter what, we the members of the Guild are standing in full support of Emeka Rollas Echezie and I want to let the court know that we are coming to tell them our position – the position of the body. We are coming to the court to tell them that these people have been manipulating us for too long; that these two people have a hidden agenda in the organization and the organization has decided to let them go.

“They have been voted out of office, their governments have been dissolved and they have nothing to do with the government of AGN today. In an organization of over 28,000 actors, two persons can never be the problem. The can never hold us to ransom.”

Ene also noted that the new President of the Guild, Emeka Rollas, from the Lagos chapter of the AGN was already doing well, adding that members had 100 per cent support for him.

It should be recalled that the Actors Guild of Nigeria has been besieged by perennial leadership troubles, which have drained its support and trust of members. This is a situation the Guild wants to change, and is now running into problems with it.

That explains the anger of Ene who declared “Emeka Rollas has 100 per cent acceptance and support of all AGN members. The leadership crisis has lasted for so long. It had become enervating and frustrating, with people losing confidence in the body.

“For years, we have been in court and funny enough, there are just few persons creating problems for the Guild. When you now have a leader emerge from such a situation, after years of impasse, no doubt, you give him 100 per cent support and that’s what we have done, believing so much in him to carry us along, which he has demonstrated so far by embarking on a familiarization campaign across some State. He has visited Rivers, Lagos, Abuja, Enugu where he took office and other States. Nationwide, he has our full support and we recognize him as our authentic leader.”

Ene charged members of the public to disregard any information pointing at crisis in the Guild, stating that there was absolute peace in AGN.

“There is no more crisis, no more misunderstandings in the guild. What we have is only love in the body. The public should desist from any information coming from Emeka Ike and Ibinabo, pending when they agree on what the Guild agrees. Besides, they are no longer in charge of AGN affairs,” he concluded.

Author: Cerebral Lemon