It was quite a big surprise when Sherlock star, Amanda Abbington, took to twitter on Monday to narrate how she was robbed at the Emmys Awards.

Amanda, 42, who plays Mary Watson in Sherlock, the hit BBC show, had her wallet stolen right from under her seat at the Emmys according to her tweets.

She explained that her wallet was stolen when she went on stage with the rest of the cast to accept the Emmy for Outstanding Television Movie for the show’s special, Sherlock: The Abominable Bride.

In her tweet, she stated that the wallet contained her driver’s licence and her phone.

In hopes that she might find the purse if she looked for it after the crowd had left, she said she “hung around until everyone had left the auditorium,” but never found her wallet. “Nothing there,” she tweeted.

The apparently enraged actress made sure to include in her tweet some unfortunate things she wish would happen to the thief.




Author: Yemi Olarinre