When a woman menstruates, biology says different things go on within her anatomy. The one I wish we could do without is the feeling of uneasiness. Others can’t deal with the heavy clots while some others become completely bedridden from pain. It isn’t this way for every woman but those who endure it will let you know it is not any fun.

I have had really bad cramps before that I literally couldn’t function. I then wondered how other women with histories of really bad cramps survive on a monthly basis.

Now I hear those really bad cramps are nothing compared to the pains of endometriosis. The pains I also hear are not limited to period pains.

I hear pelvic pains. I hear the actual adjective to describe the pain is HORRIFIC. I hear that not only do these women have to deal with the numbing pains; I hear fertility is also an issue. How about intimacy, I hear pains during sex is excruciating.

What exactly is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is the condition in which the tissue that grows in the uterus grows on the outside as an anomaly.

Endometriosis can also appear on the Fallopian tubes, ovaries, outside of the uterus, peritoneum, or even intestines.

Every month, the displaced tissue is excited by the hormonal changes that regulates menstrual cycle thereby engorging itself through the first half of the cycle, and releasing small amount of blood in the second half, which causes repeated irritation to the surrounding tissue.

Over time this can lead to scarring or adhesions in the aforementioned internal organs.

Long read? I know…

I have heard all the above… What I haven’t heard is the root cause or the cure. I just hear about therapies to suppress the pain….

The more reason why my heart goes out to its warriors.

YOU ARE WARRIORS! And I mean it.




Author: Siju Yusuf