We’ve all at some point had the disappointment of plugging our phones, expecting it to power up, but it doesn’t, thanks to a faulty charger.

This leaves you perplexed as you’ve barely used the charger for a month.

Adopting the tips below can save you the above disappointment as it would help you keep your charger working perfectly well for longer.

  1. Use A Surge Protector

Surge protectors are not too expensive. These devices will help keep your charger and other home appliances safe when the Electricity Company decides to play games with your electricity. During current fluctuations it makes you very sure that nothing will get damaged as the surge protector will handle it effectively and if anything should get damaged, it’s the surge protector that’ll get spoilt first which saves you from buying another charger. Surge protectors normally cost between N850 – N6000 depending on the type you can afford. I’d advise that you don’t be a cheapskate and go for the cheapest one because you won’t like the outcome definitely. You can get the ones from N1500 and above.

  1. When Charging Don’t Stretch The Charger Too Much

The essence of this is to actually protect your charging port. This happened to me once and I felt like crying. It spoilt my charging port. If you are charging your phone in a public place like a barber’s shop, don’t let your cord stretch across the whole place. Someone may just walk across the shop and unknowingly match the cord and different things could happen. Your charger will definitely get weak because of this. Something worse could even happen like your charging port spoiling or your phone flying off your hands and smashing it’s screen.

  1. Always Unplug Your Charger From The Head

Never grab your charger by its cord and try to unplug it that way. It may work, and it may just seem like you aren’t really doing any damage, but over time the tension will cause irreparable internal damage.

  1. Always Keep It Dry

Always keep it away from sources of water. Don’t charge in your kitchen, don’t charge in your bathroom, and always clean spills right away.

If you follow these four rules, you’ll be able to use your charger for quite a long time.

Author: Yemi Olarinre