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What do you want to have achieved by the end of this week?

For my friends in paid employment, it’s not uncommon to get carried away by assigned task and not focus or plan anything for ones self-development.

Making an employers goal your goal is not bad in itself but what is bad is forgetting yourself/goals in doing so.

It’s okay to help another build his or her own empire. It’s not okay to not make plans at/for yours while you are helping others.

We have established that not everyone will be an entrepreneur but being an employee doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream.

A dream could be being your company’s best …..

It’s a new week, make the vision plain. Write it down upon tables oops, papers I mean for an easier run.

Dare To Dream

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Be Deliberate

Live Consciously

Good morning lovers and have a good week. May God be kind to you


Author: Siju Yusuf