I must have been in Junior Secondary School 1 when I did a fiction on a word I read in a novel at the time ‘soliloquies’.

Yup, I got a 2A book and wrote a story because of a new word I learnt. I am not even sure I have used this word since then; spoken or written.

Creatives draw inspiration from every and anything.

I remember sometimes in 2015 when a friend was helping me through a thing. He said I should write a piece on it. I was overwhelmed at the time and couldn’t really wrap my head around what topic to write on and he looked at me and laughed.

He said and I quote ‘I am sure you are not that clueless, the mundane things around you are enough inspiration’. Bam!

That was all the jolt I needed. I wrote not only a topic.

Growing up, I remember after combing the whole fridge and kitchen, mum would ask if there was anything we could have for dinner and my sisters would respond that there was none.

Forty-five minutes to 1 hour later, we will all be sitting  at the dining table, savouring a soup made from beans we could not have imagined – Mum is like that. She makes dishes from every available food stuff.

Recently, a group I belong to on Facebook encouraged people to discuss their new inventions and I wasn’t surprised to see how the women population had invented so many things with regular everyday food and veggies.

For one, I would never have known the Nigerian red stew could be made with carrots as a replacement for tomatoes. A lot more other inventions that left me wow-ing.

I get excited when I see men get busy with DIYs. Plugs from faulty Water Kettles are taken out to fix the pressing Irons, left over paints are used to face-lift rusty gates, etc.

Creativity may not be such a big deal for an average African as most waste are recycled anyway. Indomie noodle cartons are used for book storage, Milo tins are used to store coins and the old cookie jars are used as jewelry boxes.

An average white man or blacks living in diaspora are not exempted. The cost of contracting basic electrical faults is not encouraging, making most masters of DIY, men and women alike.

Shops abound where you can walk into and purchase planks and blue tacs and frames and glues in the event that you want to construct a shelf.

Our innate nature is creative as human beings, so scratch the 3rd paragraph. Human beings are generally creative.

Laziness and procrastination are, however, what a lot of people are contending with. The ‘creative ones’ are those that have devoted more time on processing ideas that stream through their minds.

Situations have forced people into learning the strengths they never knew they had. Have you seen any girl or woman that can’t fix her own make up these days? I doubt.

You necessarily do not have to go to a school to learn that anymore. Not with almighty YouTube and the many videos available as tutors.

It’s another week, a perfect reminder to be inspired. Inspiration shouldn’t be some rocket science; we are born this way.

Cheers to a new challenge

Author: Siju Yusuf