Nigeria is living in insecure times. The entire North Eastern region of the country has for the past five years been rocked with insurgency that has left thousands dead and millions displaced from their homes, families and sources of livelihood. The crisis has cost the region loses worth billions of dollars; from infrastructure and agricultural proceeds, the main income of the vast majority of rural North East.

A report by the North East Nigeria Recovery and Peace Building Assessment (RPBA) team has put the cost of insurgency in the North East at an estimated $9 billion. Insecurity is still a big issue in the country. In Kaduna state, high profile kidnappings and killings have become so severe that the Inspector General of Police ordered the AIG in charge of Zone 7 to relocate to the state to deal with the issue of insecurity.

There is a general lapse in security all over the country and not just in the North or the North East. The saddening part of the security problem in the country is that the public has lost all confidence in the ability of security agencies and forces to protect them. This has resulted in individuals taking the situation of securing their lives and possessions into their own hands.

Senator Abdul-Aziz Nyako who represents Adamawa Central District in a Premium Times news report noted that about 10,000 hunters from Adamawa, Gombe and other neighboring states who are seeking government clearance to battle the remaining members of the Boko Haram sect hiding in the Sambisa forest. The senator tweeted, “Although I can applaud the bravery of these farmers, I wish it didn’t have to come to this”, he said, adding a link to the news report.

He further added, “I am grateful that men and women of such caliber exist and are willing to sacrifice everything for the good of their nation”, “But it is the government’s job to protect its citizens no matter the circumstance. The fight continues, but it is one that we must win”.

The questions is, are the citizens to do nothing and leave the duty of securing lives and property to the government when so far the government seems unable to effectively tackle the security issues arising in the country?


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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