Governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike, has alleged that the Federal Government has refused to embark on developmental projects in the state.

Wike disclosed this during the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the National Industrial Court, which would be funded by the Rivers State Government on Wednesday.

He said the state has never been considered in the Federal Government’s development programme adding that his administration has taken over the responsibilities of the Federal Government in the state.

He said: “All the facts point to the fact that Rivers State does not count on the development programme of the Federal Government. And this has sadly been the situation for decades.

“Yet, we produced the bulk of the resources used in sustaining the entire country and funding multi-billion naira development projects in other states of the federation.

“So, our position is that while we shall continue to demand for a fair treatment and commensurate recompense for our contributions to the national pool of resources, we cannot but endeavour to put our development destiny in our own hands, even if it means spending money on projects that should be initiated, funded and maintained by the Federal Government or its agencies.

“The point needs to be made that we are taking these important steps and bearing such huge costs because of the need to create, recreate and reinforce the enabling social and economic environment for the continuous development of our state.

“It is not because we have too much money to throw around on federal projects; it is because of our love, passion and commitment to develop our state and because we realised that the Federal Government has since abdicated its development responsibility to Rivers State.”

Wike added that the state provides the bulk of resources used to facilitate development in other states.

He said the Rivers State Government was embarking on the project because 90 per cent of the cases in the Yenagoa Division of the National Industrial Court emanated from Rivers State.

He said that the project, when completed, would serve the purpose of creating access to justice for litigants and also reflect the transformational legacies of Rivers State.

“The need, therefore, to have a functional NIC in Port Harcourt to peacefully settle labour and industrial relations disputes, enhance industrial harmony and engender economic development cannot be overstated,” Wike stressed.


Author: Janet Johnson

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