Those two words together have become really ambiguous over the years with motivational speakers cashing in on seminars all around the world.

Finding and living purpose doesn’t have to be as abstract, towering and frightening as we have made it to be.

Growing up, I always thought I was going to be a Medical Doctor. Not because I had any special liking to the skills or deliverables, I just ‘knew’ that the medical field is where I belong.

Maybe someone mentioned it and it stuck in my subconscious but all I focused my energy on growing up was this career path.

Life happened and I found myself studying an entirely different course on an entirely different path in the University and from then on, career path became completely undefined.

I became very quick to jump on the next wagon. I remember one time I did a professional certification in Port Folio and Debt Management. Not because it was in-line with my path (I had no clear cut path anyway), but because a friend said ‘we’ should do it. And on and on it went.

Like me, a number of people have found themselves in similar shoes; not knowing what they should be doing and what purpose they are meant to fulfill.

Exploring some techniques  (that I will list below) may help in channeling such people to living and fulfilling their purpose but first, what does it mean to Live Purposefully?

To be continued in the second part…

Author: Siju Yusuf