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Discovering the very essence of which something was created or intended is finding purpose. Living purposefully in this context is discovering the essence of one’s creation and making it the way of life.


Most times, life’s purpose is closely associated with career and ministry because this is a part of our daily living where we get to interact more with people and impact lives.

Points to be discussed may therefore be tied to these highlighted areas of our lives.

  1. Search Yourself – Quite a number of people have sworn by this. They say the moment they took a break from their frenetic schedule and busy lives to look within and ask themselves some questions, their paths have miraculously become clearer. For others like me, this did not or would not work as we are different individuals with different strengths and life situations. I often got tired and bored in the meditation process of asking myself questions. However, the questions to ask for those that have the patience for this are;

(a) What would you like to change about the world if you could?

(b) What attributes or qualities do you admire in other people?

(c) What activities gives you adrenaline rush?

(d) What makes you truly proud of yourself?

(e) What makes you truly happy?

  1. Document Your Findings – Writing things down is a way of making things plain; articulating things for a clearer vision.

Write down the things that you love to do. The things that gives you the most excitement and probably don’t get you bored easily if at all you get bored. Things that gives you joy regardless of you getting paid or not.

If you were by yourself all day and wanted to look back on the day, those things that you would have done and looked back on smiling.

  1. Life after Review – Another way to discover purpose is by thinking about death. As much as a lot of us don’t like to think about it, it has its own way of bringing us closer to our purpose.

Think about what you would like to be remembered for. In fact, this could be the most effective of all the points.

  1. WHY – The why question series is another great way of determining or discovering purpose.

My first time of answering the why series question was at a new job training I attended some years ago. The facilitator asked a simple question of ‘Why are you working?’ And when we answered saying ‘to make money’, she goes on to ask ‘why do you want to make money?’ On and on it went till a number of us began to see a side to us that erstwhile, we could not articulate.

These points are not exhaustive but they are trusted ways of finding purpose.

A very striking and significant way of discovering purpose is the way I have gotten closer to mine. Notice my choice of words; ‘gotten closer’. I have not categorically admitted that I have found mine, but I am 100 per cent sure I am closer to it than I was few years ago.

A mentor/life coach skillfully pointed out my strengths and what she considered my passion as well. Because I needed help finding my purpose, I was quick to embrace her findings as I began asking the salient questions.

Life situations have also forced others into finding purpose but usually, we don’t wait on life to for such matters as this.

Ultimately, a life of purpose is not miserable and at the very least, it is impactful.

I believe in purpose. I believe in purposeful living. I believe the word of God.

I believe the word that says every nation is placed where it is for a purpose. I believe the word that says we are a holy nation.
I believe Nigeria for example is at the trigger of Africa for a purpose.
And I believe you are where you are; in your family, career, ministry, relationship, world etc for a purpose.
Discover the purpose and let your existence be purposeful.
Live a purpose driven life.
Fulfill Destiny

Author: Siju Yusuf