At least three people have died in a fire in a high-rise block of flats in Hawaii, U.S.

The blaze at the Marco Polo apartments in the capital Honolulu started on the 26th floor and spread to at least the 27th floor and several flats, said Honolulu Fire Department spokesman Captain David Jenkins.

He warned the number of fatalities could change as firefighters said there were reports of people trapped in their apartments.

Paramedics treated several injured people and at least two people were in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

Troy Yasuda, who lives in a building across the street, was giving water to people who were evacuated. “They were choking from the smoke,” he said.

Mr. Yasuda said he watched people being carried out.

“It’s been an orderly evacuation,” said security guard Leonard Rosa, who was answering phones from the front lobby of the 31-story building.

Fourth-floor resident, Aaron Dengler and his wife were helping their elderly neighbour get to an aid station the American Red Cross set up at a nearby park. “It doesn’t help to just stand and watch,” he said.