A rumor has been circulating around the fashion-sphere about a collaboration between the German sportswear brand Adidas and New York-based designer, Alexander Wang. The rumors were true, and Wang showcased the collaboration after his fantastic spring 2017 show yesterday.

This isn’t the first time Wang is tackling sportswear though. His collaboration H&M saw him take a stab at it, ditto his terrific spring 2015 show.

This time, his approach was to flip the company’s logo, both literally and figuratively. According to him, “With this collection, the idea was to take the codes and iconography of the Adidas Originals brand and look at what their symbols mean and turn them on their head, to invert what’s on the surface and add a layer of subversion; also to toy with the idea of what’s authentic and what’s fake, and how a certain setting can change perception entirely”.

The clothes are unisex, so men and women can shop for the same things.

A nine-pieces capsule will be available for purchase today at various pop-ups, but the full collection isnt available to buy online or in Adidas and Alexander Wang stores until next spring. 

View the collection below.

Images Courtesy Juergen Teller via Vogue Runway

Author: Kayito Nwokedi