How fun will it be to be Raf Simons right now? He was just recently named chief creative officer of Calvin Klein, his eponymous label which he’s been running since the late 90’s has a huge following and has been widely successful, and he’s had an ongoing partnership with Adidas, where he reworks and reimagines sneakers for the German company, turning the Stan Smith into a metallic silver shoe with an “R” perforation on the side and the Trail Runner into a multicolored work of art.

In addition to the Stan Smith, the designer’s favorite shoe, Simons also updated the Matrix style, which was launched in the ’80s, and is introducing the Stan Smith Comfort. Let’s start with the basics: The Raf Simons Stan Smith comes in a glossy ivory, black, and crimson this season. The Stan Smith Comfort is similar, with three Velcro straps in lieu of laces, and arrives in a slew of color pairings like cyan with ivory and purple against black and white. The Spirit Matrix, as the Simons-designed shoe was christened, is a take on basketball shoes of yore, available in low or high tops in white, black, purple, and red.

All three styles arrive in select Adidas stores this month.

Author: Kayito Nwokedi