Calling all shoe lovers!

Ditch your high heels and ride low in this season’s trendy flats. This new crop of kicks offers a variety of options and of course comfort on the side. From chic cut-out flats to sporty colourful sneakers, easy flatforms, feminine loafers and killer gladiators, it’s a guaranteed slay every time you walk pass.


Their diversity and wearability are to die for; they make the term “walk a mile in my shoes” seem like child’s play that way, there is no feeling guilty about not wearing your heels. Whether dressed to the nines or dressed down, they are the perfect fit for any outfit and occasion. The best part is that they fit every style preference, be it classic, dramatic or neutral, you are bound to hear a pair or two scream out your name.

You know what they say “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Let us help you conquer the world in FLATS! With only two and a half months to go till the end of the year, race to the finish line in these gorgeous pieces or risk “carrying last”.flatforms cut-out-flats



Author: Cerebral Lemon