The Christmas and New Year celebrations are unarguably the most anticipated holiday of the year. From the world all over, no one jokes with the Christmas and New Year festivities and preparations.

After a busy year of work and school and life, the end-of-year holidays is one – or sometimes two – weeks of fun, time with family and friends, or relaxation and recreation.

So whether you’re going to be making your way back home for the holidays or making your way out of home to some holiday destination, it’s important that you are sufficiently and adequately entertained.

Here’s a list of fourNigerian novels that should definitely make your holiday reading list;

1. And After Many Days by Jowhor Ile

If the fact that this book just made the 2017 Etisalat Prize for Literature shortlist is not good enough to convince you to stuff it in your suitcase when packing, I don’t know what will. Or perhaps the fact that it is a fabulous story about a family that will remind you of your own family is enough to do the trick. It isn’t? Your case is worse than imagined then.

2. Black Ass by Igoni Barrett

This is a story about a man that wakes up to find out he is white-skinned but his ass has remained black. It is set in Lagos. What more do you need to know?

3. The Chibok Girls by Helon Habila

Christmas is a time for cheer and merriment, but the reality is that over two hundred girls are still in captivity and will be spending their third Christmas in a row without their families. This novel will bring out the human in you. It will help you remember that the fact that you are able to spend the holidays with your family, hale and hearty, is a privilege and you need to be thankful.

4. Born On A Tuesday by Elnathan John

This is also another wonderful story on the 2017 Etisalat Prize for Literature shortlist. If it’s good enough for the shortlist, it’s good enough for a Christmas reading list.

There’s also no harm in getting one or more extra copies as gifts for your loved ones, they’d definitely appreciate it. After all giving is the reason for the season?


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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