Communication is an important aspect of life. It is so important that it is impossible not to engage in it. The following four communication skills will help you in every area of your life; work, family and friendships etc.

– Listening: Listening is a skill, unlike what most might want to believe. The art of effective listening is one that must be practiced and honed. Listening differs greatly from hearing. Hearing is the act of perceiving information through the auditory senses, listening ensures that the information received through those senses are understood effectively. It is involving the brain in the act of hearing to better conceive the information being passed across.

– Speaking: Speaking is an important expressive communication skill which is the opposite of listening. It is the art of effectively passing across messages to an audience. It also differs from talking in the way listening differs from hearing. Babies talk but do not necessarily speak in the sense of passing across understandable information or messages.

– Reading: Reading is on the same side of listening as the communication skill opposite from speaking. Reading is the art of receiving information via written texts and messages, making it a receptive skill just like listening. it requires great dedication and devotion to effectively read. Not all read texts can be recollected but proper reading will ensure that it is recollected, which is why it is a skill that must be well practiced.

– Writing: Writing is on the expressive side of the communication skills just as speaking because it aims to express ideas, thoughts and messages from the sender to the receiver via written messages. It is the art of putting down information in a conceivable way that can be understood, and as can be seen from the many talented writers in the creative world, it is a skill that goes beyond talent in its need to be honed.

Communication is an essential of life. We cannot not communicate (Paul Watzlawick), and we cannot communicate without these four communication skills.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

Writer. Music lover. Movie junkie. Social Media Enthusiast. Aspiring dancer. Aspiring photographer. Social Introvert.