The colours of traditional pieces, the agriculture and greenness of the land flowing with milk and honey, the beauty of the black race so profoundly branched out into different ethnicities, is the true reality of Nigeria.

Nigeria is by all reasons culturally artistic. Our history has been our greatest asset and maybe our greatest loss. However, the fear is that, it is believed that everything created is animate and inanimate. The past and present, the stupid and brilliant will all be connected through the Internet.

This concept, known as the “Internet of Things”, is lauded as a revolutionary means to advance humanity by boosting efficiency and shunting time and location.

The question now is – will this reality (the connection between all things at all times) be good or bad for my beloved country, Nigeria? Will our treasured history be accurately placed online?


Technology became the significance and birth of the Internet, but like theories are defied, technology has its limits. It can never have empathy and shelter, culture and tradition gives to a man lost in his own world.

Since we have become globalised, and the consequences of a connected future isn’t holistic, we are deprived emotionally, spiritually, up to the point where our aesthetic pride and glory of our history is taken away from us and the resulting outcome is potentially disastrous.

A perspective informed by the arts and culture must be imposed on us, where we go back to the roots and learn what our fore fathers believed in. Where the originality of our Arts and culture should be encouraged and observed with all senses, as well as with heart and mind transcending into pop language and culture, to eventually connect people fundamentally to their heritage.

Creativity and imagination are not the exclusive provenance of artists. However, it is artists who roll deep in the uncertainties of life, whose work has the ability to heal, whose stories have the ability connect and decipher matters of heart and soul.

We will get to a moment when our talismans, the songs they create, the scenes they set and the sonnets they lay down from their hearts can successfully cure, strengthen and guide us through adversity and uncertainty in ways that the sciences and technology cannot.

It is important to consider the actual value of the things that we so freely allow to influence our lives.

”Consider this: what would a world without social media look like? Now, contemplate a world without arts and culture. The limits placed on joy in a life defined by efficiency, while there are no limits to joy in one defined by expression.”

Digital technology undoubtedly provides tools that help us manage our hectic modern lives, but it is the arts and culture that provide sanctuary from its difficulties. It is the stories that were said, that points us to where we are going.

The child blessed with the gift of technology will be reconciled with his history of his country to find himself and make sense of his present reality. Nigeria is a country with a soul, a soul with a story, let us bring it back to the new world where history and technology unite.

Author: vishu