Writer’s block is a common phenomenon experienced by every writer; accomplished or not. Many have described it as being stuck in a mental rut and lacking motivation and inspiration to create or write.

For writers who use writing as a their sole means of livelihood, like freelance writers, a block can be a major disaster.

For them a block literally means inability to get work done and no writing for them equals no work and thus, no income. If this persists, this could very well spell the end of a promising career in writing.

Regardless of the bad news a block poses to writers, there is good news in that there is a foolproof way writers can get rid of the block and pull themselves out of the rut of uninspired and unmotivated writing once and for all.

Though the internet is full of different advice and quotes from established writers on how to get out of the dreaded writer’s block, there is only one thing they all often agree on – free writing.

The all usually insist on free writing as the one foolproof way that is guaranteed to work wonders for even the most blocked writer.

Free writing is the act of opening an empty page and just write; writing anything that comes to mind.

This might seem too simple to be a solution but writers have sworn on the abilities of free writing in helping to unblock.

Staring at a blank page is daunting especially for a blocked writer, but with free writing, don’t just stare; just write.

Free writing doesn’t even require the writer to think about what is being written. All it takes are words scribbled on or across a blank page for however as long is possible to do so. Pretty soon, some written word will spark something and voila! Unblocked.

Think of it like kick-starting a car – a car engine after a while might occasionally have difficulty starting, but with a bit of prodding and pushing, and matching the accelerator the engine can pick up.

Free writing helps to clear the writer’s clogged up mind. It’s the one unblocking technique that will get the writer out of the block in no time.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

Writer. Music lover. Movie junkie. Social Media Enthusiast. Aspiring dancer. Aspiring photographer. Social Introvert.