A man claiming allegiance to Islamic State has reportedly stabbed two Police officers to death at their home west of Paris.

The murders have been described as “unquestionably a terrorist act” by French President, Francois Hollande who convened a crisis talks after the attack.

According to French Police officials, the attacker had spent time in jail over jihadist links and had a list of targets including public figures. He had also been under recent police surveillance.

Paris Prosecutor, Francois Molin said that Larossi Abballa, the attacker had pledged his loyalty to IS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi during negotiations prior to the police assault on Monday, and had stated that he was answering his call “to kill infidels”.

Police say the man lay in wait outside the policeman’s house on Monday evening before the ambush took place at around 20:30 (18:30 GMT).

After the murder, he went inside the house and killed the policeman’s wife, and held their three-year-old son hostage.

Abballa was however shot and killed when police entered the couple’s home about midnight, hours after he posted a 13 minute video on Facebook Live in which he swore allegiance to IS.

In the video, he was shown considering what to do with their son, according to French jihad expert, David Thomson, who watched it.

Jihadist attacks on police officers is not new in France. Two officers were killed in the attacks of January 2015.

In November 2015, jihadist attacks in Paris left 130 people dead, leading to the declaration of a state of emergency.

Author: Ope Adedeji